The Girls found this and thought that you all might enjoy it. The handwriting is very, very well disguised. Look at the attention to pressure, slant, connections, and implied speed. These are amongst the hardest things to disguise convincingly because they are so dependent on one another.

A few observations and what they imply:

-The artist is possibly left-handed. (T-bar was drawn right to left, the baselines are all upward with the exception of the second Anderson, which was probably written with the non-dominant hand.)
-Hooked arcades on letters (Donovan, Adler) related to problems with the opposite sex.
-Extended caps on all except for Donovan, Molly, and Anderson imply dramatisation.
-Looped ‘y’ on Molly, Moriarty, Donovan. Associated with creativity, esp. artistic.
-Long t-bars on all imply drive, self-confidence.
-Sherlock: Upper zone. Intellectual pursuits. Also “dry” writing: studious. Heavy pressure, intensity, passion, aggression.
-John: Leftward slant implies caution, introversion, separation of private and public.
-Moriarty: Broad strokes, missing middle zone. Intellectual and material, decadent, aesthetics. Upright slant, lack of empathy.
-Moran: Heavy, knife-like motions. Implies aggression. (Same for Knight.) Missing middle zone, lack of understanding people. No understanding of the present and social. Upright slant, lack of empathy.
-Molly: Exaggerated middle zone. Social, immature, image driven.
-Donovan: copybook style, “by the book,” unpretentious. Broadness, creativity (innovation). Rightward angle, willingness to share.
-Irene: -The ‘d’ in ‘Adler’ has a stem that is 2.5 x’s the size of the circle. Associated with vanity. Elongated tail, caution.
-Anderson: use of mixed caps implies a need for privacy.
-Sarah: open ‘a’ implies talkativeness.

Overall, highly successful.


(Go check out taggianto’s blog! It’s wonderful! -The Girls)


If you have ideas/suggestions for more, do tell. I’m off to London tomorrow for some excessive museum/gallery visiting and to finally watch TTSS, and that means a long journey on the train …


3/3 for Team Sherlcok by photinus


3/3 for Team Sherlcok by photinus


That Is the Jazz FM airwaves turned blue by ‘sex noises’
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